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From the Principal

St. Louis Campus was established in 1852 and is the second oldest Catholic School in Stark County.   Our school provides Catholic education for the children of Louisville, East Canton and surrounding areas in a safe and nurturing environment.   

St. Louis Campus provides a Christ-centered environment where Catholic values are taught, modeled, learned and lived by all members of our community.  Prayer is an important part of each day and the students attend Mass weekly.   Because learning takes place beyond the classroom the school provides a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Service projects for our community are an integral component of our program. 

The school works at developing the creativity and uniqueness of each child.  With experienced teachers known for going “above and beyond” to challenge and support our students, St. Louis Campus is known for its rigorous academic program. The curriculum includes a challenging core program including religion, reading, social studies, mathematics, science and language arts.  Physical Education, health, music and computer classes are also provided for each student.  It is our goal to offer an excellent education where diversity of learning styles is honored and where individual differences are respected.

St. Louis offers a Personalized Learning Experience. During the enrollment process families will meet with the principal and teachers for a friendly interview. The interview is designed to determine every child’s interests, learning modes, talents, and challenge areas. Armed with this information, a personalized learning plan is developed: engaging each student through specific interests, introducing him or her to new ideas: customizing the learning experience.  St. Louis School utilizes a blended learning model, combining technology based learning with small group teacher instruction to challenge children, thus helping him/her achieve at maximum levels.  In this way, classrooms are filled with children engaged in learning at their personal levels through traditional, hands-on, and exploratory modes. This initiative empowers families to steer their children’s education in a way never realized before; every child will have their own individual, learning plan constructed with input from the child themselves, their parents/guardians, and multiple educators at the school!   

Strong ties to our parish and our community help us to be bound as one family under God.  Creating opportunities to share our time, talent and treasure fosters an ever deepening understanding of the teaching of Christ in everyday living.  

We welcome you to our website and hope you will have the opportunity to come and visit us at St. Louis Campus.

Warm regards,

Mario Calandros